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            Traveling for work is not always a luxury, but a common reoccurring expense that can be confusing when writing off as a tax deduction.

            Business travel expenses are available as a deduction when employees must travel away from their tax home or main place of work for business-related reasons. The travel expenses cannot be lavish or for personal reasons, but rather necessary business needs. A taxpayer is considered traveling away from home if they are away longer than an ordinary workday and need to sleep to meet demands of the work while away.

            Employers can deduct travel expenses paid or incurred during a temporary work assignment if the assignment length is less than one year. Travel expenses for conventions are deductible only if attendance at the convention benefits the business. Special rules are in place for any conventions outside of North America.

Viable travel expenses: Travel by airplane, train, bus, or car from your home to business destination. Any fares for taxis or other transport between an airport, train station, hotel, or the work location. Shipping cost of baggage and work material between the regular and temporary work locations. Personally owned cars used for business. Lodging and meals, dry cleaning and laundry, business calls and communication, tips paid for any of the previously mentioned services.

            It is advised to always keep and maintain a record of all receipts, cancelled checks, or documents that support any tax deductions.


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