Our financial consultant introduced us to Marlies three years ago because another accountant company had made mistakes on our US and Canadian taxes; so Marlies was brought on as "the fixer"! Marlies is an expert in US, Canadian, and cross-border tax issues and truly enjoys learning about the intricacies involved as they change each tax season. We have received plenty of e-mails with new implications for our particular tax situation while Marlies is in attendance at a tax conference. This is truly personalized service from someone who enjoys staying current on tax law. When we were making the decision whether to move from Canada back to the US, Marlies talked us through all of the tax implications in terms of our real estate holding, retirement funds, etc... before making the decision. So we were able to make an informed decision. We have been so impressed with Marlies that we moved our Canadian business account over to her and have since opened an American business under her guidance. It's not only lovely to work Marlies interpersonally, but it is also reassuring to know that she has the expertise to oversee our complex tax responsibilities.
Eve De Rosa on November 23, 2015
Secretary-Knowing Tree LLC


My firm has been using the outstanding services of Marlies Y Hendricks CPA PLLC for over 6 years.  We have employees in 3 states and we perform services in almost half of the US states.  I can’t say enough about how much the expertise and intelligent staff at MYH have given us peace of mind to grow and manage our business and not have to worry about the complicated accounting and tax issues in the US.  MYH have met our timely filing requirements and when letters of further inquiries come from state tax revenue services, we simply forward them to MYH and it is taken care of immediately.
Dina McCaw, Controller
-Infront Consulting Group Inc. (Multi-state)


We have been a client of Marlies Hendricks a few years now and as usual have found her work fantastic. Her ability to deliver the required services in a quick time frame are second to none. I would recommend her services without hesitation.
Kelly Peddigrew, CGA, MBA-Chief Financial Officer
-Andersen Dynamics Limited (NY)


Marlies and her team have greatly improved the way we understand and approach our personal and corporate tax planning.  We are very appreciate of her proactive hands on approach.   In addition to dealing with cross-border issues she has advocated persuasively (and successfully) on our behalf to the IRS and NY state.  Thank you!  A totally different league from what we have experienced before from large accounting firms.
Adam Anderson
-Assoc. Professor Cornell University, NY


Being Canadian owning real estate property in the US, I relied on Marlies to provide guidance and advice on procedures relating to IRS. She always provided complete information, accurate described the circumstances and very important . . . ALWAYS responded in a timely manner. Her accuracy and completeness is impeccable.
Richard Ogrodzinksi
-Investor - Calgary, Canada


When we moved from Canada to the US in 2007, I was looking for an accountant who would be able to help me with a rather complicated cross boarder income-tax situation. Marlies came highly recommended by our lawyers. Marlies and her team were very professional. They were proactive asking questions and were very quick to answer my questions. Marlies walked me through all the steps and documents needed to comply with both government tax systems. Marlies will contact me at the beginning of tax season to remind me that deadlines are coming up and will provide advice that relates to me regarding changes in the tax law for the current year. She adds value in a number of areas and her fees are very reasonable. Marlies continues to have my business and I would recommend Marlies to anyone for the services she provides.
Ian Maxwell, CEO
-Heart for Africa (MO)


I wanted to thank you first and foremost, for all your efforts on my behalf. I came to you at the height of tax time, and without pause, you took me on as a new client. I shared with you that I was having some difficulties with Revenue Canada and some prior tax returns that were processed by an accountant that I had for many years. I was self employed and incorporated, and to complicate matters, I was living and working in the US. Each tax year, I needed a Canadian corporate and personal tax return, as well as a US one.

There was much to sort through, and you and your amazing team worked diligently to get all the material together, which was no small task; you completed my current returns, a past due set of returns and then revisited and redid, 3 other personal returns. In all Marlies, you and your staff completed 8 full returns and 2 financial statements that encompassed not only corporate and personal, but US as well.
It was extraordinary to see the differences in monies owed from my prior experiences and how much less it was; similarly, it was amazing to see how much new material you requested from me; material that clearly was needed to give Revenue Canada the most complete information required for a successful and accepted return. You and your team were incredibly thorough, professional and knowledgeable about cross border work and I am so grateful for the expertise.

Thank you again, Marlies. I look forward to our continued association and will most certainly recommend you and your staff when and where I can - you deserve much success.
Linda Dowds on September 28, 2018
- Makeup Artist - Hollywood, CA

I first got t know "HENDRICKS & ASSOCIATES" when they completed my 2000 U.S. and Canadian tax returns after having moved to Canada from the U.S. in August 2000. I lived in Canada for four years and I used their services during this time to file both of my tax returns (U.S. and Canadian). Since moving back to the U.S. in September 2004, I continue to use H&A for my taxes as I find them to be very knowledgeable, professional and responsive.

Karen Hanke
-Director, Portfolio Management -Wachovia Securites, Charlotte, NC

I wanted to share my experience I had with Marlies Hendricks, CPA. I hired Marlies in early 2016 to do my 2015 tax returns for my company, Better Beach Rentals, Inc. and also my personal return. She was extremely knowledgable in her field. She was extremely diligent with me to acquire the information needed to get my tax returns done on time. She would assist me along the way with questions and informaton I needed to complete the task. Now that my 2015 return is complete, she will be there to coach and direct me to be organized and be ready to file again in 2016. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an honest, knowlegable, and thorough CPA. Don't let me forget... very PATIENT also! Thank you to Marlies Hendricks.

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