How Does Working in a New Location Affect Your Tax Home?

How Does Working in a New Location Affect Your Tax Home? Image

A person’s “tax home” is where they choose to live in order to work. Married couples can have more than one tax home, depending on where their jobs are located. If a taxpayer has to travel away from their tax home in order to work, their expenses, to a degree, will be deductible. However, if a taxpayer chooses to live further away from their place of work, those commuting expenses to and from work are not allowed to be deductible.

There are instances where a taxpayer has already established a tax home in one location, but is offered a long-distance job. The ruling on this to allow travel expenses to be deductible is that the job must be temporary, meaning that “If employment at a work location is realistically expected to last…for 1 year or less, the employment is temporary.” This means that expenses could be deducted provided that the work is subject to end within a year’s time limit.

There is also a difference between the “temporary” job and the “uncertain” job. If a taxpayer accepts a job outside their current tax home with the knowledge that the job will only last a maximum of a year, that job can be considered temporary. However, if a taxpayer is only accepting work outside of their tax home on a “temporary” basis because they are uncertain of the job market and do not wish to commit to moving, that is not considered a temporary job, and the expenses will not be deductible.

Couples should consider this when purchasing homes, and accepting positions to cut down on their expected expenses.


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